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FirstMark Capital Joins Tech Rush to Union Square.

Tech companies continue to flock to the Union Square district as FirstMark Capital recently signed a 10-year lease for 10,600 square feet of office space at 100-104 Fifth Avenue. The venture capital firm joins other notable companies within the building including Apple’s iAd and Yelp’s east coast headquarters. Union Square continues to be the preeminent New York City neighborhood for tech firms. In fact, five of the top ten most active venture capital firms recently profiled in Crain’s New York are located in the neighborhood including FirstRound Capital, Canaan Partners, IA Ventures, and Union Square Ventures – whose co-founder, Fred Wilson, is leading the charge to establish the City’s first Academy for Software Engineering within the Washington Irving Campus, just one block from Union Square Park. The number of tech firms who had decided to make Union Square home is a testament to the area’s accessibility, multitude of diverse restaurants and retail options, and unique office stock in the center of the City.

Why Mobile Websites Are Important In 2014

It’s no secret that mobile internet usage is on the rise. Remember cell phones before they were smart phones? You know, those tiny flip phones with the T9 texting? Remember when you had to actually go home and log into your desktop computer to check your email? Feels so prehistoric doesn’t it? If you don’t feel like mobile websites are important in 2014, you’re not living " in the now" Tech Era.

just take a look at the statistics: In 2012, there were 115.8 million 3G smartphone users in the US alone! That’s 47% of the population who own mobile phones, a jump from 39% in 2011. More Android devices are activated a day (700,000) than babies born in the world! 93% of mobile users access the web daily on their smartphones in the UK In 2014, trends predict that more people will use the internet on their mobile devices than computers 68% of mobile users in the US made a purchase from their mobile device in December 2012

Why is a mobile website important? [infographic]

Mobility is here to stay, that’s why. A mobile website / tailored mobile experience can help define your space in the digital landscape. And we have a chart that proves it: on the left. At a minimum, a mobile website ensures seamless visibility between the desktop and mobile experience. But a mobile website alone can’t ensure a successful engagement. Mobile website development is a tool, just like any other, and the success of it’s use is dependent solely on the team wielding it. Continue reading over at Responsive Web Design is a starting point, the user experience is the solution for more about the different mobile optimized development techniques that are out there.

Burgeoning Tech Stars Get BID Support

The tech explosion has rocked the New York City economy, bringing in new jobs and expertise. Union Square and the Flatiron District are at the very heart of the industry’s growth in the City. To support these businesses, the Union Square Partnership and the Flatiron Partnership sponsored one of General Assembly’s weekly happy hours, for members of the coding power house. Tech companies have had a major impact on the neighborhood, driving the commercial vacancy rate down to 2.9% – the lowest of any New York City market according to Ash Zandieh, Director of TechStarter at ABS Partners.