About Us

The New Way to Success

DOTCOM believes that our clients and their customers want content wherever they are, on any screen available.That means we must design and develop our solutions with service-oriented architecture and responsive design top of mind. This is enabled by robust front-end and back-end development skills. Our teams are experts across all applications and platforms, allowing us to FOCUS on finding the best solution.

An interface should be usable, and beautiful.

Our goal with each project is to create the most beautiful piece we've ever done. We've always believed that beauty can live in harmony with function. It's as though we've invented a healthy beer. Ultimately, our interfaces work well and look good.

Smart Agile Creative

As you may have already guessed, Dotcom specialises in Web Design and bespoke development. We’ve been in business since 2000 and as far as we’re concerned, effective web design isn’t just about you - it’s about your customers too. Our job is to understand the two sides of the story, create a relevant web experience for both, and build a flourishing relationship between you. Like some kind of creative Cupid, you might say.

We can think as big as you need us to, but offer all the speed, flexibility and gratitude of a GLOBAL web design agency. There are no layers of bureaucracy to pay for and none for us to hide behind. We’re open, honest and good at what we do.Then again, would you expect us to say anything different? So why not hire us so you can see the kind of thing we do for yourself?

Our History